Rev. H.K. Matthews Video Gallery

"Don't look the other way; Martin Luther King is Dead, and Rev. H.K. Matthews is 89; when are those of our time going to join the fight? The fight is happening rather you just lay down and take the punches, or you engage in the battle. Even if you do nothing but pray, face our issues of division in some way. If I took my light bill and put it in a drawer, but didn't face the fact that I had to pay it, my lights would still get cut off. The reality is we are all facing this evil that seeks to divide while living in a country that advertises "unity in diversity." Until we come to grips that we have a problem and decide to come together as a people: 'one nation under God,' nothing will change. We claim to be one of the richest most educated societies in the world, yet we're not intelligent enough to build each other up realizing that a nation divided will fall, but a nation united can stand. Joseph Murphy said, 'you are neither superior or inferior to any other human being, and to think otherwise is foolish.'  Ignorance repels what it doesn't understand, but intelligence seeks to find understanding; discover which one describes you, then decide what you're going to do" (Teresa Cole).

(3) Videos of H.K. Matthews on The Confederate Flag & Unsolved Community Crimes

Click Here to read the [history] of the Confederate Flag (If you're looking for a central theme to understand the complexities of difficulties surrounding the confederate flag, then know this: The Confederate Flag became a symbol of protest against civil rights and in support of Jim Crow segregation. You can study the Jim Crow segregation and the protest surrounding it to discover how the Confederate Flag became a symbol of hate and separation.)
Click Here to see the [removal] of the Confederate Flag
Watch The Celebration of Legacy for H.K. Matthews with former Pensacola Chief of Police David Alexander lll
Influenced by H.K. Matthews David Alexander lll works towards change
Rev. H.K. Matthews on School Choice
H.K. Matthews on WSRE AWARE Civil Rights Round-table: Race Relations in America 
R.E.V. H.K. Matthews on WSOZ discussing his book Victory After The Fall. . .Click Here To Purchase
R.E.V. H.K. Matthews brief comments: "be careful how we treat each other" at Lil Matt's 23rd Birthday Balloon Release