Matthews 4

The Vision

To unite people from all colors, creeds, and nationalities to stand for equality and to fight for justice, not "just us." To help us to remember how far we've come and how far we need to go to preserve human dignity and human rights so that we don't get lazy or stagnated in doing so. To keep our watch and be awakened to the fact that equality isn't given but it takes intentional efforts of being aware and willing to do what needs to be done.

The Story

Reverend Hawthorne Konrad (H. K.) Matthews (b. 1928) is an African-American minister who was active during the civil rights movement in the Pensacola area and was arrested 35 times for his political activities. He is the unsung hero for standing up for change alongside Martin Luther King and other civil rights activist. . . Read More

Meet the Team

Behind every great leader is an amazing team. It's a human thing.

Rev. H.K Mathews

Founder & CEO

Operations leader and visionary

Ellison Bennett

Vice President

Implements strategies of operations and ensures that the vision of Rev. H.K. Matthews is carried out. Handles speaking engagement request and all inquiries directly associated with public appearances.

Teresa Cole


Handles content management,  web design, and public postings. Oversees  day to day operations and administration.

Next Steps...

Feel free to submit a request for Rev. H. K. Matthews to speak at your next engagement. As team members we will review your request and respond A.S.A.P. Thank you so much!